News and Events

Public seminars on linguistics are held from time to time. Details are
posted on the University of Sydney Linguistics List, which you can join here.

Weekly seminars are usually held on Fridays 2pm - 4pm in the Transient Building, Room 202, followed by afternoon tea in the Transient tea room. All are welcome.

Weekly Seminar Series, Semester 1 2010

5 March
Jeremy Hammond (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics,
Lexical Replacement as a Source of Syntactic Change? : Evidence from
12 March
No Seminar
Australian Languages workshop 2010 Kioloa
19 March
Joe Blythe (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen) Kinship structure vs. kinterm usage: A conversationally grounded
re-assessment of the Murriny Patha kinship lexicon
25-26 March
Workshop Anthropology and the ends of worlds
26 March
Mark Harvey (Newcastle University) Social diffusion in Aboriginal Australia
16 April

Mark Johnson (Macquarie University) SEMINAR CANCELLED

23 April
Derek Herforth (Chinese Studies, University of Sydney) Getting 'the most' out of the syntax (and into the lexicon): on the history
of the Chinese superlative
30 April
Mark Johnson (Macquarie University)
Bayesian models of language acquisition Or Where do the rules come from?
7 May
Bill Foley (Linguistics University of Sydney)
Typological Universals and Word Class Distinctions in Tolai of New Britain
14 May
Katherine Demuth (Macquarie University)
Phonological Constraints on Morphological Development
21 May
Robert Mailhammer (ANU/ KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)
The influence of Indigenous languages on Cobourg Peninsula Aboriginal
28 May
Felicity Cox (Macquarie University)
Hiatus Resolution and Linking /r/ in Australian English
4 June
Ana Kondic (Linguistics, University of Sydney) The Middle Voice in South Eastern Huastec