Associate Professor Jane Simpson

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BA(Hons) and MA, Australian National University

Endangered Languages and Cultures Blog

Research Grants Awarded

  • 2003 ARC Discovery grant (with Gillian Wigglesworth, University of Melbourne)
    "How mixed language input affects child language development: case studies from Central Australia".
    [2003 $110,000; 2004 $110,000; 2005 $110,000; 2006 $55,000]
  • 2004-5 Arc Grant with Prof AJ Marett; Prof WA Foley; Dr JH Simpson; A/Prof S Bird; A/Prof ND Evans; Dr JM Fletcher; Dr JT Hajek; Prof AK Pawley; Dr FJ Bowden; Dr A Rumsey; Dr CA Falk; Prof MD Ross; Prof CW Goddard et al
    "PARADISEC, the Pacific and Regional Archive for Digital Sources in Endangered Cultures: Accessibility and Decentralisation" [2005 :$325,873]
  • 2004-5 Arc Grant with Prof Robert Dale, Prof Denis Kingsley Burnham, Dr Catherine Joanna Stevens, Dr David Mark Alais, Prof Sally Margaret Andrews, Dr Nicholas Barnes, Dr Linda M Barwick et al...
    "Enabling Human Communication: Tough problems in human communication with bold but informed solutions drawing on sound, speech, and language research capabilities."

Research Interests

  • Working with Gillian Wigglesworth and Patrick McConvell, Samantha Disbray, Felicity Meakins, Karin Moses and Carmel O'Shannessy on ACLA, a project on child language acquisition in indigenous communities in Central and Northern Australia, funded by the Australian Research Council
  • Working with some colleagues from the Australian National University (Harold Koch, Luise Hercus and David Nash) on comparison and reconstruction of languages spoken in the centre of Australia.
  • Working with Christopher Manning on a computer interface for the Warlpiri Dictionary Project being coordinated by Mary Laughren, including compiling an image bank
  • working with Robert Amery (University of South Australia) on a book of materials of Kaurna, the indigenous language spoken around Adelaide. This includes a grammar and comparative word-lists.
  • a grammar and dictionary of Warumungu, a language spoken around Tennant Creek. A Learner's Guide has been published by IAD Press.
  • working with Luise Hercus and Flavia Hodges on indigenous place-names of Australia. We have edited a book, The Land is a Map.
  • syntax, especially Lexical-Functional Grammar
  • working with colleagues on digital archiving, and on establishing PARADISEC, an archive of Pacific and regional language and endangered culture material, directed by Linda Barwick with Nick Thieberger.
  • language maintenance. I have a long-standing connection with Papulu Apparr-kari, the Tennant Creek Language Centre.
  • Australian English. David Nash and I have compiled a database of hypocoristics of Australian English words, including placenames

Selected Publications

  • [Book] 2002. [with Luise Hercus and Flavia Hodges]. (ed.) The land is a map: Placenames of indigenous origin in Australia. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics and Pandanus Press.
  • [Book] 2002. A learner's guide to Warumungu: Mirlamirlajinjjiki Warumunguku apparrka. Alice Springs: IAD Press.
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  • [Book Chapter] 2005. Depictives in English and Warlpiri. In Secondary predication and adverbial modification. The typology of depictives , eds. Nikolaus P. Himmelmann and Eva Schultze-Berndt. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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