Dr Jason Johnston

PhD Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9351 3655


Biographical details

Dr Jason Johnston gained his PhD in theoretical morphology in theDepartment of Linguistics in 1997 and has run courses in Phonetics andPhonology, Syntax, Morphology, Historical Linguistics andComputational Linguistics within the Department. He has also taught Syntax and Advanced Syntax at the University of Queensland, andLanguage Structure and Meaning at the University of Newcastle'sCentral Coast Campus.

Jason has also worked in theoretical and practical applications ofLinguistics, including as Phonetic Lexicographer with Sayso! (formerlySyrinx Speech Systems), Research Fellow at the Microsoft ResearchInstitute, and Research Associate at the Language Acquisition ResearchCentre (LARC) at the University of Sydney.

Jason is also a NSW legal practitioner.

Research interests

Jason's research interests centre around core issues in generative linguistics, with a particular focus on the interaction between the mental lexicon, syntax, phonology and the 'embedded history' of a language in morphology, and on computational modelling of linguistic competence and performance.

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