Units of Study

LNGS2603 - Functional Grammar

Semester 1, 2012  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: James Robert Martin


This unit takes a functional view of grammar, considering the ways in which English is organised to build up our picture of reality, to enable us to interact in conversation and to make our contribution coherent and relevant. It is designed to give students analysis skills in the analysis of ideational, interpersonal and textual meaning in the clause, the nature of inter-clausal relations, and the structure of nominal, verbal and adverbial groups and prepositional phrases.


5x500wd term assignments (50%), 1x2hr exam (50%)


Geoff Thompson, 2004 Introducing Functional Grammar. 2nd edn
J R Martin et al. 2010 Deploying Functional Grammar. Commercial Press


2x1-hr lectures/week, 1x1-hr workshop/week


One of ENGL1000, ENGL1005, ENGL2619, ENGL2647, LNGS1001, LNGS1002, LNGS1003, LNGS1004, LNGS1005, LNGS2601, LNGS2602, LNGS2604, LNGS2620, LNGS2621, MECO1001, MECO1003, WRIT1001



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