Department of Media and Communications

We live in a time when markets, human relationships, and cultural values are permeated by the media and flows of communication, organised and understood through the work of media and communications professionals, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and activists. From the news, opinion or entertainment we consume, to the information and stories we share, media and communications help us to make sense of who we are, where we are, and our connection with others.

Latest News

  • Charlie Hebdo's Irreverent Role in French Life

    University of Sydney's Charlotte Epstein explains Charlie Hebdo's irreverent role in French life. She speaks with Bloomberg TV's Asia Edge with Angie Lau.

  • SLAM awarded two University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2015

    Congratualtions to Dr Karina Aveyard and Dr Olivia Murphy, University of Sydney Postodctoral Fellowship recipients, who will be joining us in SLAM.

  • Health Humanities Research Initiative

    You are invited to participate in a new Health Humanities research collaborative. The health humanities offer insights into the human condition as it pertains to the arts and sciences of healing and deepens understanding of disease and wellness, pain and suffering, personhood, the nature of death and dying, embodied experience, and the limits of technological knowledge. This collaborative will apply for node status with the Charles Perkins Centre.