War Reporters as Literary Journalists: The Power and Pitfalls of the Story

6 September, 2013
2pm - 4pm

Professor Richard Keeble (Lincoln School of Journalism, University of Lincoln).

Media@Sydney Research Seminar.
This presentation will focus on literary journalism as a hybrid concept embodying many of the uncertainties of the writer's predicament today. It will go on to explore the literary journalism of a number of war correspondents including George Orwell, the Washington Post's Rajiv Chandrasekaran and the late Michael Hastings, of Rolling Stone.

Richard Lance Keeble has been Professor of Journalism at the University of Lincoln since 2003. Before that he was the executive editor of the Teacher, the weekly newspaper of the National Union of Teachers and he lectured at City University, London, for 19 years. He has written and edited 25 publications on a wide range of subjects including peace journalism, literary journalism, journalism ethics, practical reporting skills, George Orwell, the coverage of US/UK militarism. He is also the joint editor of Ethical Space: The International Journal of Communication Ethics and the winner of a National Teacher Fellowship in 2011 - the highest award for teachers in higher education in the UK.

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Location: New Law Seminar Room 102, New Law Building (F10)

Contact:Madeleine King

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