EUGENE JARECKI RETROSPECTIVE as part of the Docos for Politicos Film Series

From 29 September, 2014 to 1 October, 2014
Various (Detailed schedule below)

Eugene Jarecki is an award-winning filmmaker, public thinker on international affairs, author, and is one of only two people to have twice won the Sundance Grand Jury prize for documentary, most recently in 2012 for THE HOUSE I LIVE IN. His prior film, REAGAN, which examines the life and legacy of the 40th US president, received wide critical acclaim and won an Emmy Award after premiering on HBO for the occasion of Reagan’s 100th birthday. Jarecki’s film WHY WE FIGHT, winner of the 2005 Sundance Grand Jury Prize and a Peabody Award, has been broadcast in over forty countries and released theatrically in over 250 US cities. Jarecki’s first documentary, THE TRIALS OF HENRY KISSINGER was released in over 130 US cities and won the 2002 Amnesty International Award, was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and has been broadcast in over thirty countries. These four films will be screened as part of the retrospective with a special guest from Jarecki’s production company Charlotte Street Films.



Monday 29|09 Screenings: AM 11 - 12.30  &  PM 2 - 3.30

Tuesday 30|09 Screenings: AM 11 - 12.30  &  PM 2 - 3.30

Wednesday 01|10 Screenings: AM 11 - 12.30  &  PM 4 - 5.30

Wednesday 01|10 Screening: PM 2 - 3.30

IMPORTANT NOTE: The screening of REAGAN will be at the Chemistry Lecture Theatre 3, Chemistry Building F11, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney. All other screenings will be at the Edgeworth David Building (Old Geology) Lecture Theatre.

For more info on the full program of Docos For Politicos Film Series please click HERE


Location: Edgeworth David Building (Old Geology) Lecture Theatre A11, Science Road, University of Sydney

Contact:Jose Torrealba | Raelene Loong
Phone: 61 2 9351 7663