Information for Prospective Postgraduate Research students

The department offers the following postgraduate research degrees:
Doctor of Arts
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Doctor of Social Sciences
Master of Arts (Research)
Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

The Media and Communications Department welcomes inquiries about its postgraduate research programs. These include Master of Arts (Research), Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Social Sciences, Master of Philosophy, and Doctor of Philosophy.
Staff in the department are active researchers. You are encouraged to browse through our staff pages to get a sense of our research interests and strengths.
How do coursework and research programs differ?
This distinction is not always clear outside of Australia. Postgraduate coursework programs consist of units of study rather than research work. Students usually attend seminars. Graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and master’s degrees can all be obtained by coursework. In postgraduate research programs, students undertake supervised research leading to the production of a thesis or other piece of written or creative work over a prescribed period of time. The research component must comprise 66 per cent or more of the overall course requirements.
In general terms, and with the exception of the Master of Arts and Doctor of Arts/Doctor of Social Sciences, enrollment in a postgraduate research degree requires:

  • Prior study in the area of media and communications, or an area related to your thesis work
  • completion of a Bachelor degree plus degree such as Honours or MA that involves a substantial research/dissertation component
  • high achievement at distinction level in your previous study

International students will require an acceptable academic qualification equivalent to the above and a demonstrated English language competency.
As part of making a decision on your application the Department will consider whether it is:

  • suitable in scope and standard for the research degree
  • a program in which you have the competence to satisfactorily complete the proposed course of study and research
  • one in which adequate supervision and facilities for carrying out the work can be provided