Journalism Studies

MECO scholars pursue critical inquiry into journalism’s variety, volatility and purpose. We investigate journalism’s changing contours, from its local and global institutional contexts, technologies and markets to its occupations, professional identities, values and standards, practices, genres and users. We are also centrally concerned about journalism’s contributions to healthy and diverse media systems, public spheres and democratic polities. Through collaborative international, interdisciplinary and industry-oriented research, we are rejuvenating accounts of why journalism matters.

Current studies explore the sociology of journalism work, journalism careers and professional identities. Dr Penny O’Donnell is co-Chief Investigator of the New Beats project tracking job loss in journalism around the world, funded by ARC Linkage (LP140100341) and Discovery (DP150102675) grants. Our staff are also leading innovative research on magazine studies and slow journalism, as well as evolving digital journalism regulation, standards and ethics, journalism and democracy, journalism in Chinese societies, and language use in news discourse. MECO is a founding member of the Journalism, Media and Communication Network (JoMeC), a national trans-disciplinary project, hosted by the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia.

Researchers in the field of journalism studies are: