Grade Review Policy

Appealing Academic Decisions

If a student is concerned about any academic decision, he or she should first clarify and discuss the issue with the relevant tutor and/or unit of study co-coordinator. Students are encouraged to take the earliest opportunity to discuss their concerns with relevant staff, and explain their concerns in relation to the relevant assignment criteria or specific concerns to do with how the assignment was handled. This early consultation should be done within 15 days of marks being made available to students. If the Unit of Study Coordinator is not available the student should contact the Chair of Department/Program Director or Undergraduate Coordinator. Normally consultation and clarification resolves the matter.

If the student's concerns are not resolved within 15 days of the end of the consultation they may take the process further through the Faculty, in accordance with a policy that lays down a specific timeline and follows principles of timeliness, confidentiality, and procedural fairness, and access.

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