Portable Equipment

The Digital Media Unit offers a limited equipment loans service to Academic Staff of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Equipment Available:

  • Data Projectors
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Apple Laptop Computers
  • Windows Laptop Computers
  • Digital Notetakers
  • MicroTrack 24/96
  • MP3/CD Deck Cassette Recorder

Loan Conditions

Staff loaned equipment are subject to the following conditions, and must agree to these conditions when loaned equipment. Staff loaned equipment agree that:

  1. Equipment is in good working condition when received, with no external signs of damage.
  2. They are responsible for the equipment until it is returned to the Resource Centre.
  3. They will be the sole user of the equipment during the time they are loaned the equipment.
  4. They will make every effort to return the equipment in good working order and immediately notify the Resource Centre of any damage or theft.
  5. They will contact the Resource Centre as soon as possible to request a loan extension if the equipment is be held longer than the time originally intended, and understand that such an extension can only be granted if the equipment is available during the requested extended loan time.

To book equipment, please fill in the Staff Equipment Loan Form below.
If you have any queries please phone 9351 6787, or email .

Staff Equipment Booking Form

This form must be completed in full before being submitted. You will receive an email confirming your reservation. If the equipment is needed urgently please call (9351 6787) after having completed the form below.





Equipment (select one or more):

Digital Still Camera - Canon Powershot A640

Macbook Pro

Compact MINIDV Handycam Video Camera

HP Notebook

PowerBook G4

Sony USB Digital Notetaker

Roland Portable Recorder

MP3/CD Deck Cassette Recorder

Data Projector

Checkout date:


Return date:


Special Request - Please give details below if:
1) equipment is needed regularly throughout semester, e.g weekly tutorials, please indicate both dates of commencement and end dates of borrowing)
2) equipment is needed over a few days due to a conference
3) AOB