MECO Production Resources - Digital Media Unit

Welcome to the MECO Production Resources. This site contains information, manuals, guides and procedures for students making use of the MECO production resources.

This is a source of information for students enrolled in MECO2601 Radio
Broadcasting, MECO3601 Video Production, MECO3602 Online Media, MECO6924 Broadcast Production and MECO6925 Online Production.

If you wish to book labs or equipment you must first sign the online student loan agreement using your unikey and password. Go to this page:Student Loan Agreement

Digital Media Unit

The Digital Media Units provides portable equipment and production facilities to production staff from The Department of Media & Communications and to students enrolled in Media & Communications production subjects. Portable equipment includes: audio, video, light, microphone and still camera kits. Production facilities include: the MECO Production Lab, the MECO Loans Store, the Student Web Server, the MECO Television Studio and the MECO Radio Studio Facilities.

As a practical complement to their theoretical coursework students undertaking The Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) degree and postgraduate MECO programs use the equipment and facilities to produce work for radio, television and the Internet.

DMU provides portable equipment and 24/7 production facilities to MECO production staff and students enrolled in the MECO production subjects:

  • MECO2601 Radio Broadcasting
  • MECO3601 Video Production
  • MECO3602 Online Media
  • MECO6903 Broadcast Production

Portable Equipment Includes

  • Solid State Recorder Kits
  • 16:9 DV Kits
  • DV Kits
  • 3CCD DV Kits
  • Light Kits
  • MIC Kits
  • Digital Stills Kits

Production Facilities Include

  • Dedicated Media Labs and Computer rooms
  • Apple computers running Mac OSX and Windows XP
  • Final Cut Studio
  • ProTools M-box
  • Dreamweaver
  • DV Capture Decks
  • NewsBoss Production Suite
  • MECO Loans Store
  • MECO Student Web Server
  • The MECO Television Studio
  • The MECO Radio Studio facilities

Important Information

The MECO loans store has moved out of downstairs Brennan to a more salubrious location.

The AV loans store is now in the Woolley Building, room N302. Just walk in the main entrance, take the first left and then left again.

No more stairs.

The contact number is the same- 16787- as is the booking system.