Television Studio 209 - TVS209

meco tv

Location: Rooms 209/210/211/212, Downstairs level 2, Education Building

The Television Studio is for the exclusive use of MECO Honours students doing production work and MECO undergraduate students undertaking radio, video and online production subjects. This is a fully supervised space and access is limited to Technical Officers and Meco Academics. Staff and students wishing to use this facility must be accompanied by technical staff at all times.

The studio can also be booked to facilitate professional recordings for Faculty. Recording bookings are subject to availability with priority to Media Subjects bookings.

Capacity is 15 seats.

Room Special Features

  • 3 x Sony HVR-Z1P cameras on dolly tripods, (2 with teleprompters)
  • Aluminium Tubular lighting grid rated to 685kg
  • 12 Channel dimmer and Jands ESP2 24 channel desk with 5 Brightline soft source lamps, 2 Colortran soft boxes, 2 1kW fresnel lamps, 3 500W fresnel lamps
  • Autocue station with pro-prompter software
  • 9sq.metre Chroma-key screen
  • Video/Audio Wallbox with 6 audio/video tie-lines, production talkback and IFB communications feeds, LAN connection
  • Broadcast Pix Vision Switcher
  • Talia RCP-NK1 Router, Clearcom Talkback system, Bantam patch panel
  • Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro Audio mixer, Mac Pro with network and internet access and Protools /Mbox 2
  • Playbox playout server, 3 Capturebox servers, Sony DSR1800
  • DVCam player/recorder, Sony DVD recorder with 160GB hard disk

Booking Notes

Bookings strictly limited to: Radio Broadcasting MECO2601, Video Production MECO3601, Online Production MECO3602 and Broadcast Production MECO6903.

Access to the Television Studio is via bookings only and requires the assistance of a Arts Digital staff member.