Scholarships are handled through the Research Office and International Office

For further scholarships information for 'Local' students please see the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences scholarships page.

And the Research office Postgraduate Research Scholarships page.

International students may be interested in the Scholarships for International Students page.

The University advertises closing dates of 31 October (for Semester 1, March Commencement in following year) and 20 April (for Semester 2, July Commencement). But in the case of scholarships (especially the USydIS, and E-IPRS) the dates are brought forward.

To be considered for an award, applications for admission to a research degree MUST be received by the International Office by:

31 July of the previous year for semester 1, (March commencement)

31 December of the previous year for semester 2, (July commencement)

Seek out information from the International Office at the web link above for more specialist advice.


The Catharine Lumby Prize for Excellence in Media and Communication Studies

Catharine Lumby was appointed Foundation Director of the Media and Communications Program in 2000, and was Director of the Degree up to the time she left the university in 2007. The prize was established in 2007 in recognition of Professor Lumby's particular interest in and attention to the first year experience. The award takes the form of a subscription to a media-related journal, selected by the Media and Communications Department teaching staff.

It is awarded to the student who
(i) is enrolled in their first year of university studies and is in the BA(Media & Communication);
(ii) achieves the highest marks overall for MECO 1001, MECO1002 & MECO 1003;
(iii) intends to complete the Media and Communications degree.

Australian Press Council prizes

For over a decade the Australian Press Council has sponsored an annual prize for an essay or thesis submitted by a tertiary student. This is for work focusing on the investigation and discussion of journalistic ethics, and serious investigation of the freedom and the responsibility of the press. Since 2004 Council has decided to award its prize through individual departments. The Media and Communications department has decided to offer this prize to the top performing students in the postgraduate and undergraduate media ethics and law units of study.