Dr Antonio Castillo

Antonio Castillo

PhD University of Western Sydney
MA (Political Sciences) University of New South Wales
MA (Journalism) University of Technology, Sydney
BA (Honours) University of Concepcion, Chile

Phone: +61 2 9036 7226

Address: Room 212, Reception, Level 2
Footbridge Theatre Terrace
Access adjacent to Footbridge Theatre and Footbridge over Parramatta Road
A09 - Holme

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Antonio Castillo is a journalist. He joined the Department of Media and Communications in 2008. His research interests include international journalism practice, democracy and journalism and international news. He has also done research into ethnic and social media representation. He is the co-author of Cosmopolitan Sydney (Pluto Press 1998) and Looking Both Ways: Western Sydney and the Media (Ethnic Affairs Commission, 2000). Antonio is also the author of Testigos Molestos (Undesirable Witnesses, CEDIC 1983). Published in Spanish, this is an account of the struggle of a young independent journalists working under the brutal military regime that ruled Chile between 1973-1989. As a journalist he has worked in news wire services, magazines, newspapers and radio. In 1994 he received an “Honorable Mention” in the International Award for Solidarity with Refugees (International Catholic Union of the Press - UCIP). In Australia Antonio has worked for SBS and ABC. Currently he is one of the editors of Global Media Journal. He is also part of the editorial committee of the Iberian and Latin American Studies Journal. Antonio has taught in Latin America, Asia and Australia. At the University of Sydney he teaches News Writing and Political Journalism. Previously, he was the Head of Communication at the University of Western Sydney. In 2002 he received the University of Western Sydney Vice-Chancellor Award as a team member in the Excellence in Regional & Community Partnership Category. Until 2007 he was a member of the Writing Research Group and Society (UWS) headed by the prominent scholar and publisher Professor Ivor Indyk.

Current Research Projects

  • 2010-Current: Latin American – News neglected region
  • 2009-Current: Journalism - Exile and Diaspora

Previous Research Projects

  • 2008 - Current: “Venezuela’s Tele Sur: The Latin American Al Jazeera.”
  • 2007 - Current: Digital Refuge: Urban Narrative Strategies and Sustainable Media in Western Sydney.” Collaborative research action project with the community-based organization Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE)

Research Interests

  • International Journalism
  • Latin American Journalism
  • Democracy and Journalism
  • Journalism and History
  • Ethnicity and the Media
  • Community journalism and media


  • [Book] Journalism in the Chilean Transition to Democracy: The Lost Decade (1990-2000) (VDM Verlag: 2009)
  • [Book] Cosmopolitan Sydney (Pluto Press, Sydney: 1998)
  • [Book] Testigos Molestos (Concepcion: CEDIC 1983)
  • [Manual] Looking Both Ways: Western Sydney and The Media (Ethic Affairs Commission, Sydney 2000). Journalism manual.
  • [Manual] Cuadernos para la Democracia (CEDIC, Concepcion: 1985). Politics and Civic Education manual.
  • [Book Chapter] “Missing the Deadline: The News Stories Global Journalism Failed to Cover. Why do some humanitarian crises make the front pages while others wait in vain for their turn in the spotlight?” in Mass Media: International Issues Edited by Alexandros Arampatsis & Yorgo Passadeos, ATINER: Athens, 2006, ISBN: 960-88672-8-2, 320 pages, Hardback.
  • [Book Chapter] “Western Sydney: a Story of Misrepresentation” in The Other Sydney: Communities, Identities and Inequalities in Western Sydney, Edited by Jock Collins and Scott Poynting. Sydney: Common Ground Publishing, 2000 ISBN: 1 863350179
  • [Journal Article] “In Conversation with Adel Iskandar,” Global Media Journal, Issue 1: 2008.
  • [Journal Article] “Journalism Education and Practice Thinking about New Directions” International Journal of the Humanities Volume 2, Number 3, 2006.
  • [Journal Article] “Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in the Newsroom.” MOSAIC magazine.
  • [Journal Article] 2003: “Breaking Democracy: The Media Coup of Venezuela.” Media International Australia, 2003.
  • [Journal Article] “The Chilean media in the transition to democracy” Australian Journalism Review, Volume 24 (2), December 2002.
  • [Conference Paper] “New Developments and Approaches in Global Communication: TeleSur, in search for a new international communication order.” International Conference Center, Shanghai University October 18 –19, 2007 Shanghai, P.R. China.
  • [Conference Paper] “The Right to the Media a Matter of Social Exclusion and Social Cohesion.” The 2007 Annual Conference on The Public Right to Know 23-25 November 2007.
  • [Conference Paper] “Missing the Deadline: The News Stories Global Journalism Failed to Cover Why do some humanitarian crises make the front pages while others wait in vain for their turn in the spotlight?” 3rd International Conference on Communication And Mass Media May 23-25, 2005 Athens, Greece
  • [Conference Paper] “The unfinished transition to democracy in Chile.” Paper presented at the VI International Conference of the Association of Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australasia (AILASA), Adelaide, Australia 2004. Paper submitted for publication.
  • [Conference Paper] “Context, Development and Assessment of the new Chilean Press Law” Paper presented at the Journalism Education Association Conference, Sydney 2003. Published conference papers, proceedings.
  • [Conference Paper] “Journalism in Transition: working under the iron fist of the Chilean media law.” Paper presented at the Journalism Education Association Conference, Perth, 2002. Paper unpublished.

Journalism Features, Analysis and Comments (selection)

  • 2010: The Billionaire Running Chile, New Matilda
  • 2009: Guerilla president cements Uruguay's left, Eureka Street
  • 2009: China in Latin America, The Diplomat
  • 2009: Chinalco lost Rio bid to Australian paranoia, The China Daily
  • 2009: Murder in Mexico: South of the border is the deadliest place to be a journalist in the Americas, Walkley Magazine
  • 2009: Another Election Landslide For Evo Morales, New Matilda
  • 2009: The Chilean right wins first round in presidential elections, On-Line Opinion Australian e-journal of social and political debate
  • 2009: Beginning of the end for US Cuban embargo, Eureka Street
  • 2009: Days Of Death In Mexico, New Matilda
  • 2009: Hillsong Power In Latin America, New Matilda
  • 2009: A Decade In Chavez's Venezuela, New Matilda
  • 2008: Stalemate in Colombia, New Matilda
  • 2008: Is Latin America Really Turning Red? New Matilda
  • 2008: “The rule of the “mainlander”, Taiwan enters a new era.” New Matilda.
  • 2008: “Borderline Survival. Beefed –up security along the Arizona-Mexico border has only led more deaths.” The Diplomat.
  • 2008: “Chilean Mapuches: From Mythical Heroes to Terrorists.” Transitions Quarterly.
  • 2007: “The Boxer and the Lecturer.” Manic Times.
  • 2007: “Analyse this. In Buenos you have to worry about more than bruising someone ego there is also the ID and superego to think about.” The Diplomat.
  • 2007: “One filmmaker, three town faces and one word: connaitrê.” FreeRange.
  • 2006: “For many Chileans, Pinochet's death leaves justice undone A new start, but the transition to democracy looks endless.” Canberra Times OpEd.
  • 2006: “Latin America an Wander around the New Scenario.” Transitions Quarterly.
  • 2006: “Fadle El Harris: A Collector of Scenes.” FreeRange
  • 2005: “Latin America: A Laboratory of Failed Experiments.” The Diplomat

Current Supervising Postgraduates

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