Adjunct Professor Lijun Zhang

Professor Lijun Zhang

Mr. Zhang Lijun, with a doctoral degree in economics, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of VODone Limited, Chinese representative of APEC Business Advisory Council, Chairman of APEC Development Council of China, Visiting Professor of Nan Kai University´╝îHonorary Professor of Sydney University (Australia), Vice-Chairman of China Association of Social Workers, Honorary President of the Council of Beijing Association of Online Media, Vice Chairman of China Copyright Council and an expert of online media in China.

He founded VODone in 2005, and led to the firm’s listing status on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006; VODone also became the official new media partner of 2008 Beijing International Media Center (BIMC) in 2007; this is an miraculous achievement within the Internet industry in China.

VODone is a new media online video company which has a complete set of licenses in China, and was first to create live online video broadcasts; Meanwhile, VODone BUS (Broadcasting Union System) has become China’s biggest online video advertising platform. Up to October 2008, VODone BUS has reached over 140 million Page Views (PV) per day, over 24 million online advertising players as well as over 9 million independent IP addresses. These achievements bring real benefits to advertising agencies and content providers. VODone Portal, VODone BUS (Broadcasting Union System), VODone Live and VODone Wireless are the 4 core business modules of VODone Limited, and have become the biggest diversified online video broadcasting platform ( in China. In addition, various government and industry organizations have granted multiple awards and prizes to VODone, while Dr. ZHANG himself has been selected as the most representive figure in China’s new media industry.

Since 1998, Mr. Zhang has been entrusted by the PRC government to promote international exchange and cooperation among members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (“APEC”). In 2001, the year in which China was the host country of APEC, Mr. Zhang established the APEC Research Institute of China jointly with Nankai University with the support of the government authorities such as Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Education, State Economic and Trade Commission and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The establishment of the institute was a significant milestone in the Year of China of APEC in 2001, and was specifically introduced by the Chinese President Jiang Zemin at the APEC Leader’s Meeting in 2002. When working with APEC, Mr. Zhang actively promoted the international exchange of domestic enterprises by participating in APEC activities and the established a platform for the cooperation of government enterprises and academies. Mr. Zhang is accredited as an “entrepreneurial diplomat”.

Upon approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, APEC Research Institute of China became APEC Development Council of China in 2004 and Mr. Zhang was appointed as its chairman. When working with APEC, Mr. Zhang and the leaders and experts from NanKai University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, etc. published the annual reports “White Paper on APEC Development” and organised the publication of “Global Economy and China”.

Mr. Zhang was the assistant to general manager and deputy general manager of China National Minmetals Group Corporation under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, deputy general manager of its General Trading Department, chairman of Sino-interest International Economy Group under the State Commission for Restructuring the Economy and the Office of Economy Policy Reform of the State Council, Secretary (Representative of the Party), chairman of Sino-sky Telecom Industry Group, etc. Under the leadership of the State Commission for Restructuring the Economy and the Office of Economy Policy Reform of the State Council, Mr. Zhang explored and employed proactive and constructive approaches to reform and develop state-owned enterprises under the new business environment. He developed the enterprises under his leadership into a conglomerate which became one of the top 500 enterprises trading with foreign countries in the PRC. During his service in the enterprises, he published a number of valuable articles including “Investment from International Industry Funds is the Major Drive for the Growth of Stated-owned Enterprises” and “Understanding the Keys to Enhance the Values of State-owned Assets” as well as “Chinese Industrial Funds” based on his practical experience.