Dissertation Production and Submission

The dissertation ideally is printed on white A4 paper using a good quality laser printer. The left margin must allow for binding (strip or spiral binding is acceptable). Dimensions are usually 2.5cms from the right, bottom and top edges and 4cms from the left edge that is to be bound.

The font used is normally 12 point Times or a similar serif font. The text of the manuscript should be double spaced. The dissertation should be without spelling errors and well-formatted to avoid single lines left stranded on another page. Students are to ensure that the dissertation is thoroughly proof read before submission.

Thesis referencing should use a recognised referencing style, and, most importantly, be consistent throughout the dissertation. In the case of non-orthodox thesis submission (Video, multi-media), the format will be negotiated with your supervisor prior to submission.

For a guide on referencing, please go to the Learning Centre's resource page.

The written component of the thesis should include in order:

  • A cover page listing the thesis title; the candidate's name; the statement 'submitted in fulfilment of the degree of Bachelor of Arts (MECO), Honours'; the Department name; the year and the month of submission.
  • An abstract of no more than 500 words.
  • A statement of original authorship
  • Acknowledgements (optional).
  • Table of Contents.
  • The main text.
  • Appendixes (if any)
  • Bibliography/References

Three copies of the bound dissertation need to be submitted to the Honours Coordinator on the due date. While this date may change, you should expect to be submitting the thesis in the first two weeks of October. Your supervisor will retain one copy while the other two are distributed for marking purposes.