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MECO3603 - Media, Law and Ethics

Semester 1, 2013  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Steven Maras


MECO3603 will introduce students to the area of Media, Law and Ethics through discussion of key legal, ethical, and cultural issues relevant to journalism and the professional fields of public communication. Students will be given an introductory survey of the main ethical theories in Western thought to establish a framework within which to examine specific ethical issues that relate to media. They will also be introduced to those aspects of the law that impinge on the work of media professionals.


1x2000wd essay (45%), 1x1.5hr (1700wd equivalent) exam (35%), 1x800wd online posting (20%)


MECO3603 Course Reader to be purchased from the University Copy Centre. Pearson, Mark and Polden, Mark (2011), The Journalist's Guide to Media Law, 4th Ed., Crows Nest, Allen and Unwin


1x2-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week


12 junior credit points from MECO units and 6 junior credit points from either MECO1002, WRIT1001, WRIT1002, ENGL1025 or ENGL1007. Note: Students enrolling from 2010 should plan to take MECO1002 as per degree regulations



Additional Information

available to BA (Media and Comm) and BA (Media and Comm) /BLaws students only.


  10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm


Lecture 1



Lecture 2

1 This class runs from Week 1 to Week 3
2 This class runs from Week 5 to Week 13

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