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Wednesday July 30, 1-3pm, Rogers Room, Woolley Building, University of Sydney (CHE and Sydney English Departmental Seminar)
Dr Bridget Escolme
Queen Mary, University of London
‘Emotional Excess on the Shakespearean Stage: Passion’s Slaves’

17 September 2014 4.00 – 6.30pm
(MEMC and AHSN Joint Seminar, 2014)

Accessing English Humour in Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Texts:
Sources, Contexts, Intentions, Reception

1. April Bertels-Garnsey
The Old English Riddle 86 and the Nature of Anglo-Saxon Humour
2. Anna Wallace
Classroom Insults and Humour in Byrhtferth's Enchiridion
3. Chenoa Hunter
[[|Humour and Deception in Versions of]] Tristan and Isolde
4. Sabina Rahman
Humour in the Early Robin Hood Ballad.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014, 12.00-1.30pm
Rogers Room, Woolley Building A20
Professor Graham Holderness (University of Hertfordshire)
‘Rudely Interrupted’: the bombing of Twelfth Night

29 October 2014
Hilary Davidson (Independent scholar. Formerly Curator of Fashion & Decorative Art at the Museum of London, 2007-2012)
Encountering Medieval and Early Modern Clothing in the Museum


13 Nov, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Woolley Common Room
Stephanie Downes (UMelb) - 'French Chaucer'

Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science (SCFS)
8 Nov, 9.30am-5pm - Kevin Lee Room, Level 6, Quadrangle A14 (enter via MacLaurin Hall Stairway)
9.30 Charles Wolfe (Ghent): 'Early modern medical empiricism' (60 mins paper & discussion inclusive)
10.30 Alan Salter (Sydney): 'Richard Lower's model heart. The diagram as object of inquiry in early modern anatomy'
11.30 Coffee
12.00 Anik Waldow (Sydney): 'Experience and its explanatory role'
1.00 Lunch (provided) in Main Quad N293
2.30 Peter Anstey (Sydney): 'Mathematical principles as models'
3.30 Laura Kotevska (Sydney): 'Geometry at Port-Royal: some remarks on Arnauld’s Nouveaux éléments de géométrie' (45 mins paper & discussion)
4.15 Roundtable discussion
5.00 Wind up
Limited space; to register contact Professor by 6 November.

23 Oct, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
John Hale (Otago) - ‘Life after editing Milton’s De Doctrina Christiana (2000-2012)’

16 Oct, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
John Pryor (Sydney) - 'The Earliest Medieval Historiography of the First Crusade'

23-24 Sept, 9-5pm - Woolley Building, Woolley Common Room
MEMC Symposium on science and CHE postgraduate advanced training event (PATS) on the history of medicine.
Science and Medieval and Early Modern Literature symposium
Click here to view the Programme.
Please contact Liam (MEMC) or Gabriel (CHE) for further information or to offer to present a paper or participate:;

4 Sept, 12-2pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Medieval Studies postgraduate research student presentations - further details to be announced.

21 Aug, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Helen Fulton (University of York) - ‘Troy on the Medieval March of Wales: The Welsh Troy Story and the Middle English Seege or Batayle of Troy’

14 Aug, 5.30-7pm - Woolley Building, Woolley Common Room
Mary Flannery (University of Lausanne) - 'Getting Emotional About Shame in Middle English Literature'

Sydney Conservatorium of Music
7 Aug, 4-5pm - Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Ensemble Room 3003
Alan Maddox (Sydney) - ''Affettuoso ancora': Emotional expression in F.A. Calegari’s Padua Passion setting of 1718'

Sydney Conservatorium of Music
14 June, 9.30-5pm - Fisher Library, University of Sydney
Keynote speakers: Professor Maricarmen Gómez (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) and Dr Jane Morlet Hardie FAHA, together with a group of leading Australian musicologists.
'Musical Manuscripts and their Legacies: A Symposium in Honour of Jane Morlet Hardie.'
Paper topics represent some of the varied legacy of musical knowledge to be gleaned from manuscripts of different sorts and from different parts of Europe (ca. 1450 to ca. 1750), whether containing musical notation or not; and examples of the manuscript legacy being transformed in a contemporary musical setting. Enquiries: or

Celtic Studies
11-14 June - John Woolley Building, University of Sydney
Celtic Studies Conference - Eighth Australian Conference of Celtic Studies

Sydney Conservatorium of Music
7 June, 4-5pm - Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Recital Hall West
Tim Carter (David G. Frey Distinguished Professor of Music, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) - 'Performing Monteverdi: Some Problems (and a Few Solutions)'. Contact:

5 June, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Alex Jones (Sydney) - 'Time and space in Ælfric’s Lives of the Saints'

English Dept
22 May, 3-4.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Alex Jones (Sydney) - 'Accentual Metre in Old and Middle English'

15 May, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Erin Sullivan (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham) - 'Beyond Melancholy: Sadness and Selfhood in Renaissance England'. This is a CHE-funded event.

Power Institute
14 May, 6.30-8pm - New Law School Lecture Theatre 101, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney
Paul Hills (Courtauld Institute of Art) - 'Clothing the Word: Filippo Lippi, Donatello and Bellini'
The lecture will examine the ways in which the Word made Flesh (i.e. the body of Christ) and the Word as Text (i.e. bible or sacred book) are wrapped or clothed. It explores wrapping, veiling and unveiling as reality and metaphor in fifteenth-century Italian painting and sculpture.

Putting Periodization to Use: Testing the Limits of Early Modernity, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Project
9 May, 2-5pm - Woolley Building, Woolley Common Room
Speakers: Antonina Harbus (Macquarie U), Conal Condren (UNSW), Hugh Craig (U. Newcastle), Simon During (UQ); Facilitator: Liam Semler (Sydney)
SEMINAR: 'When was early modernity?: The Language of the Self'
This is an interdisciplinary (and inter-period) seminar, drawing on expertise from medieval studies, early modern studies, and beyond. The focus is on a consideration of 'languages of the self', using this consideration to pose questions about the legitimacy of period boundaries and the work performed by periodization in our various disciplinary engagements with the past.
The seminar is open to all, but prior registration is required. Please contact either Huw Griffiths () or Nicola Parsons () to register your interest in attending the seminar, or for any further information.

17 April, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Margaret Clunies Ross (Sydney) - 'The role of the horse in Old Norse myth'

Sydney Conservatorium of Music
10 April, 4-5pm - Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Ensemble Room 3003
Dr David Irving (University of Nottingham) - 'The Global Gamut: Encounters of Scale Systems in the Early Modern World'

Mon 25 March, 12-1.30pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Henry Ansgar (Andy) Kelly (Distinguished Research Professor, UCLA) - 'Thomas More's Dialogue Concerning Heresies, the So-Called Wycliffite Bible, and the Trial of Richard Hunne'

Fri 22 March, 1-3pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Hilary Gatti (University of Rome) - 'Enter Shakespeare: the first performance in an Italian theatre of a Shakespearean drama'

Fri 22 February, 1-3pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Jan Shaw (University of Sydney) - 'The Taboo and Wish-Fulfilment in Marie de France's Lanval'


Fri 30 November, 1-2:30pm, Woolley Building, Rogers Room
C. Stephen Jaeger (Gutsgell Professor Emeritus, Departments of Germanic Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) - 'Charismatic Art and the Literature of the Fantastic: Chrétien de Troyes, Cervantes, Goethe'

Wed 21 November, 12:30-2pm, Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Steven Mullaney (University of Michigan) - 'What's Hamlet to Habermas? Spatial Literacy, Theatrical Publication and the Publics of the Early Modern Stage'

Fri 26 October, 1-3pm, Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Claire Hansen - ''[L]ike a tangled chain; nothing impaired, but all disordered': the complexity of dance and the edge of chaos in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Celtic Studies
Thurs 25 - Fri 26 October, Woolley Building, Common Room
Celtic Studies Conference: 'Medieval Celtic Law Texts: A Framework for scholarly, legal and social development'
Contacts: Merrin Marks and Pamela O'Neill at

Wed 17 October, 1-2pm - Woolley Building, Rogers Room
Dan Anlezark - 'Doctrine, Influences, and the Dream of the Rood'