Postgraduate Study with the Centre

Though the Centre does not offer a postgraduate coursework program, it offers a vibrant postgraduate research program, and brings together the research and teaching expertise of staff from numerous disciplines across the University of Sydney. The Centre is therefore well placed to co-ordinate all aspects of postgraduate studies into the Middle Ages, whether historical, literary, linguistic, musical, artistic, or any combination of these and others. The Centre particularly welcomes and encourages cross-disciplinary research into the Middle Ages.

Some of the advantages of undertaking postgraduate study through the Centre are:

  • specialist supervision in an unrivalled range of medieval studies;
  • a collegiate atmosphere that fosters research by bringing staff, visiting scholars and students together through seminar series, workshops, conferences and informal reading groups;
  • ready access to the vast resources of the Fisher Library - one of the largest humanities libraries in Australia; and
  • support and assistance for overseas research trips and scholarship applications.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Prospective postgraduates should contact the Postgraduate Research Coordinator.