Undergraduate Program

Please note: the Medieval Studies major is not available to students commencing in 2013 or later.

Students who commenced their degree prior to 2013 are admitted to the major if they have successfully completed units of study to the value of at least 18 Junior credit points spanning two subject areas from the Faculty of Arts units (Table A) – see the Arts and Social Sciences (Undergraduate) Handbook.

Students who commenced their degree prior to 2013 may complete a major in Medieval Studies by satisfying the minimum requirement of 36 senior credit points from units of study listed in this subject area, or from Cross-Listed Units of Study, including at least 12 senior credit points of core units.

Please go to the Faculty website to view units of study on offer.

It is strongly recommended that continuing students considering a Medieval Studies major and who have satisfied the appropriate prerequisites complete these core units of study in 2013.

For admission to Medieval Studies Honours, students must complete a Major in Medieval Studies (36 Senior credit points) plus further units worth 12 credit points from the Cross-Listed Units of Study (for students who were enrolled before 2014) or from approved elective units of study (for students enrolling from 2014 onwards). That is, units worth at least 48 Senior credit points must be completed, and a credit average or higher achieved*.

Honours enquiries may be directed to the Honours Coordinator.

* Please note: from 2015 the minimum requirement for entry into Honours will increase to an average of 70% or above across 48 senior credit points in the intended subject area/s.