Welcome to the Department of Modern Greek Studies...

We have all heard the expression “It’s all Greek to me!” which might also mean that the Greeks must have a word for this! To all these we forcefully respond: Learn Greek to improve your English!

The three-year undergraduate program comprises a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students of exceptional academic potential can pursue advanced studies through the Honours program where they conduct original research leading to the production of a substantial work of scholarship. Postgraduates can pursue studies leading to a Master of Philosophy degree and/or a PhD.

What we teach at Sydney University is the diachronic influence and the synchronic importance of learning Greek in the contemporary global world of diversity and pluralism. Without isolationist nationalisms or sectarian provicialism we present and develop the Greek tradition and history in all its euphoric chaos.

Greek Studies are Ancient and Modern, European and Balkan, Mediterranean and Oriental, Western and ecumenical. They reflect the polymorphous adventures of the Greek people through history and express the Greek experience in all its forms through literature, art, cinema, education and culture. They are also polyphonic since they include diverse voices and mentalities.

We study as much Greek culture as possible: from late antiquity with the language of the New Testament, through to Byzantium, the Ottoman period and onto the modern Greek state, whether in Greece proper, Cyprus, the Greek communities abroad or in the diverse cultures of the Greek Diaspora in Australia.

Prospective undergraduate students interested in Modern Greek Studies are encouraged to contact the School of Languages and Cultures. Prospective postgraduates or members of the public are encouraged to contact the academic staff member who specialises in their area of interest.