Research Profile of the Department of Modern Greek Studies

Research in the department of Modern Greek Studies is designed as a springboard for the exploration of a wide variety of forms of expression, historical consciousness and artistic endeavour.

From late antiquity, through Byzantium to modern Greece the department encourages an innovative reconsideration of the Greek tradition. Emphasis is placed upon the polytropic character of Greek culture, the confusing history, the obscure religion, the cheerful folk tradition, the euphoric music, the enchanting literature, the magnificent art, the prolific cinema the ambiguous Diasporic identity and many other areas of research.

We do not impose our choices: we provide students with the opportunity to develop their own interests and approaches. Research for us means creative expansion of interests: our academics search voraciously for new stories and we invite students to participate.

Current research includes:

  • The Work of C.P. Cavafy
  • Translating St Paul
  • The Stories of Greek Proxy Brides in Australia
  • The cinema of Theo Angelopoulos
  • The Communist Movement in Southern Greece
  • Greek and French nationalisms

In collaboration with external organisations we also establish research projects on the Greek Diaspora in Australia and elsewhere.