Modern Greek program overview

The Modern Greek Program offers a major that can be included in many degrees offered at the University of Sydney. Depending on your year of enrolment the requirements for completing the major may be different. Select from the options below to see the requirements relevant to you.

I started my degree before 2014

To complete a major you must complete senior units of study in Modern Greek to the value of at least 36 credit points. Of these, no less than 18 should be in language units (that is, MGRK2603, 2604, 2605 and 2609) and no less than 18 in non-language units. The 6 credit point Intermediate Modern Greek units (MGRK2601, 2602), for the purposes of the major, are counted as 6 credit points of language and 6 credit points of non-language study.

I started my degree in or after 2014

A major in Modern Greek requires at least 36 senior credit points, including at least 6 at 3000 level.

The units of study for the major can be found in the Table A unit of study table for Modern Greek Studies. The table shows units of study on offer in the current handbook year. You may find information regarding a full list of units of study available to the major on the departmental website.

There are three main streams:

- Language acquisition and writing skills
- Culture and history
- Translation and translation studies

Language acquisition and writing skills forms the basis for everything that students are expected to do when studying Modern Greek. It consists of a coherent number of units streamlined according to the language knowledge of groups of students.

For more in-depth information on the Modern Greek Studies subject area, including tables and descriptions of the units of study available in this area, for current year enrolments go to

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Handbook - Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies

For previous year enrolments: Handbook archive.

Unit of Study prerequisites are also reviewed from time to time. The prerequisites listed for units in your year of enrolment are valid for the duration of your candidature.

International exchange

The department encourages students to spend a period of exchange at an overseas university. The University’s International Exchange Program enables you to undertake approved overseas study, with the credit achieved counting towards your degree at the University of Sydney. The University currently has an exchange agreement with the University of Cyprus. Comprehensive information is available at the Student Exchange Office Website.

The department can also organise In-Country Study: in collaboration with the University of Athens a 6-week course on Greek language, culture and history is run over January and February. The course takes place in the Old Building of the University of Athens at the heart of the city: students sit for exams at the end of the program. Each weekend an excursion to an important archaeological site is scheduled (Delphi, Mycenae, Olympia, Vergina etc). Students who successfully complete the unit receive 6 credit points towards their degree. Fees apply as determined by the University of Athens.

Talk to your International exchange coordinator for information.