Units of Study

MGRK2601 - Senior Modern Greek 1

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Panayota Nazou


The core of this unit is practical language segments aimed particularly at developing skills of listening, speaking and writing. It also provides introductory lectures on the history and culture of speakers of Greek in the post-classical world. Political and social developments described in lectures will be linked to the reading of texts; some in Greek, illustrating how Greek culture and literature have reacted to historical change and ideological repositioning.


2xtests (equivalent to 800wd total) (20%), 3xquizzes equivalent to 400wd total) (10%), 5xcompositions (equivalent to 1200wd total) (30%), 2xoral presentations (equivalent to 400wd total) (10%), 1xoral test (equivalent to 400wd) (10%), 1x1hr exam (equivalent to 1000wd) (20%)


Supplied through the department.


2x1-hr language tutorials/week, 2x1-hr practicals/week commencing week 2


MGRK1102 or MGRK1602


MGRK1501, MGRK2001

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