Units of Study

MGRK2675 - New Testament Greek and its World A

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Vrasidas Karalis


This unit explores, by means of language, the world, the ideas and the formation of the New Testament as the foundation book of Christian tradition. Language becomes the starting point for the structural analysis of the various books comprising the New Testament and for the close reading in their meaning. It also raises issues of translation and interpretation which were crucial for the establishment of major Christian doctrines and ethical values in different cultures. Finally, it offers a thorough examination of critical discussions about the continuing influences of the New Testament and investigates the discipline of New Testament studies in the beginning of the 21st century.


1x2000wd final essay (60%), 2xwritten assignments (1500wd total) (20%), 1xclass presentation (equivalent to 1000wd) (20%)


1x1-hr lecture/week, 2x1-hr tutorials/week commencing week 2


12 junior credit points in any subject



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In addition to the core language studies units, the undergraduate program includes other units of study that deal with cultural and literary themes and translation. The following is a list of units that are currently offered on rotation each year.

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  • MGRK2604 Comparison of Greek and English
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  • MGRK2622 The Other Road to Greek Modernity
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  • MGRK2633 Social Norms/Stereotypes in Greek Cinema
  • MGRK2652 Politics and Politicians in Greece
  • MGRK2653 Sex, Drugs and Music in Modern Greece
  • MGRK2655 Modern Greek Art
  • MGRK2657 Greece and the European Imaginary
  • MGRK2675 New Testament Greek and its World A
  • MGRK2676 New Testament Greek and its World B
  • MGRK2682 Sports and Contemporary Culture
  • MGRK2691 Sociolinguistics in the Greek Diaspora
  • MGRK3692 Theories of Literature