Units of Study

MGRK3841 - Modern Greek In-Country Study 1

Semester 2, 2014  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Panayota Nazou


Approved study in a tertiary level institution in Greece.


As prescribed by the host institution. On successful completion of this unit of study, students will receive a "Satisfied Requirements" result at the University of Sydney.


12 junior credit points of Modern Greek

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In addition to the core language studies units, the undergraduate program includes other units of study that deal with cultural and literary themes and translation. The following is a complete list of units that are offered on rotation in different years.

  • MGRK2603 Style and Expression
    Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/week, 2x1-hr tutorials/week commencing week 2
    Prerequisites: MGRK1402 or MGRK1622 or MGRK2002 or MGRK2602
    Assessment: 4xcompositions equivalent to 1500wds total (30%), 4x exercises equivalent to 1500wds total (30%), 1xtake home assignment equivalent to 1500wd (40%).
    The unit builds on the structures analysed in MGRK1622 and MGRK2602. Its particular purpose is to develop students' ability to write substantial continuous passages of Greek, concentrating on different methods for the effective building of clauses into sentences and sentences into paragraphs.
  • MGRK2605 Theory and Practice of Translation B
    Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/week, 2x1-hr tutorials/week commencing week 2
    Prerequisites: MGRK1202 or MGRK1402 or MGRK1622 or MGRK2002 or MGRK2602
    Assessment: 2xassignments (1000wd total) (20%), 2xclass tests (equivalent to 2000wd total) (50%), 1x1500wd essay (30%).
    This unit focuses on translation from English to Greek. Its main focus is the study of translating strategies of specialised texts and explains changes in their structure. Students are expected to learn how translation works as a semantic transition from one language to the other and be able to understand the necessary changes they must introduce during the translation process in order to make the text semantically functional in Greek.
  • MGRK2606 Varieties and Registers
  • MGRK2609 Theory and Practice of Translation A
  • MGRK2621 Greek Modernism
  • MGRK2631 Cultural Identities
  • MGRK2633 History of Greek Cinema formerly Social Norms/Stereotypes in Greek Cinema
    Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week
    Prerequisites: 18 junior credit points from Modern Greek Studies or European Studies or Film Studies or History
    Assessment:2x2500wd essay (80%), tutorial project equivalent to 1000wd (20%)
    This unit examines a number of the most important Greek films of the last fifty years that give insight into developing views of Greek society. It explores gender representations, social mobility, feminist issues, value systems, significant historical events, sex roles and attitudes towards outsiders. It also discusses stereotyping and ideological constructs and investigates the relationship between cinematic technique and cultural meaning.
  • MGRK2653 Sex, Drugs and Music in Modern Greece
  • MGRK2675 New Testament Greek and its World A
  • MGRK3601 Explorations in Greek and English
  • MGRK3602 Languages of the Greek Diaspora
  • MGRK3603 Modern Greek Politics
  • MGRK3604 Contemporary Art in Modern Greece
  • MGRK3605 Greek Modernity and Its Others
  • MGRK3606 Advanced New Testament Greek
  • MGRK3607 The Art of Translating
  • MGRK3633 Greekness and Hellenism
    Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr seminar/week
    Prerequisites: MGRK1621 or MGRK2601
    Assessment:1x2500wd essay (40%), 1xtake home assignment (equivalent to 2500wd) (40%), 1xpresentation (equivalent to 1000wd) (20%)
    How did the Greeks deal with their long and varied past? Are they Greeks, Romioi or Hellenes? This unit will critically examine the major perceptions of the Greek cultural identity put forward by Greek intellectuals and artists from the enlightenment to date, placing particular emphasis on views which arose after the formation of the modern Greek nation-state. It will deal with issues of identity, tradition, nation, cultural continuity and discontinuity and it explores their relevance to the Greek Australian experience.
  • MGRK3692 Theories of Literature