Internships are an integral part of the Museum and Heritage Studies Program. There are two internship units, both involving a placement of 20 days in a heritage institution, museum, gallery or related institution. You may intern locally, elsewhere in Australia or even overseas.

Students are supervised on their placements by professionals with experience in the sector – staff members at the host institutions. Our internships are project-based, and projects are pre-agreed between the student, the workplace supervisor and University staff – the Internship Academic Co-ordinator and the Internship Officer.

You will be assisted throughout the internship unit by the Internship Academic Co-ordinator and the Internship Officer.
The internship units of study are:

  • MHST6906 Internship Project is an elective unit available to Masters and Graduate Diploma students. You can take it any point in your course. However, we recommend that it is best done after you have completed your first unit of study, ie. not in the first semester of your course.
  • MHST6905 Internship Professional Placement is a capstone unit available to Masters students. Capstone units are intended to be taken at the end of a course. Masters students can choose between an internship or a dissertation for their course capstone.

Extra to the project-work that you complete for your workplace supervisor, you have University assessments to complete. These are designed to help you to reflect critically on your experience during your placement, and to consider connections and contrasts between workplace practice and the theory that you have learnt in coursework units. The assessments for the capstone unit have a particular aim to help you reflect on your course as a whole.

Additionally, your workplace supervisor completes a short report on your work performance during the placement, and as part of this process, awards a % mark that will make up part of final grade.

Once you are enrolled in either unit you will have access to an internship Blackboard site with further information on the assessments and the internship units more widely. You will also be informed about an internship information session. These are held early each semester, and they are compulsory for every student who is enrolled in an internship unit for that semester.

Internship Officer

You may contact the Internship Officer before you enroll in an internship unit. For early information please contact
Jane Johnston
Internship Officer

P +61 2 9036 6544.