Units of Study

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In 2016, in addition to the units of study listed in the tables below, the following Units of Study (external to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) can be counted towards your major. Please refer to the teaching department for details.

  • ARCH9082 Conservation of Traditional Materials Intensive March
  • ARCH9028 Conservation Methods and Practices Semester 2
  • ARCH9081 Heritage Law and Policy Semester 2

MHST6906 - Internship Professional Placement

Semester 1, 2014  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Annie Clarke


The internship unit allows students to gain hands-on experience by undertaking a supervised project based in a recognised, gallery, museum or heritage or arts organisation. Projects are developed in close consultation with the institutions needs and the student's desired experience. The internship unit offers hands on experience of museums, heritage or cultural organisations and allows for a broadening of skills and expertise as well as an opportunity to gain an understanding of the relationship between theory and institutional practice.


1x1500wd project journal (15%), 1x500wd presentation (10%), 1x3500wd major report (35%), 1x500wd photographic essay (10%), supervisor's report (30%)


Students undertake a supervised project in consultation with the needs of the workplace and the student's desired experience.

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