Professional Staff

Internship Officer

Jane Johnston

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Sydney University Museums staff

Craig Barker,
Manager, Education and Public Programs, Nicholson Museum
Expertise: Museum education; heritage touring

Robert Blackburn,
Curatorial Assistant, Macleay Museum
Expertise: Ecology; entomology

Elizabeth Bollen,
Assistant Curator, Nicholson Museum
Expertise: Ancient Greek material culture

Jan Brazier,
Curator, Macleay Museum
Expertise: History of museums and science in nineteenth-century New South Wales; history of photography in Australia

Rebecca Conway,
Curator, Macleay Museum
Expertise: Ethnographic collections; interactions of source communities with cultural heritage collections held in museums; ethnographic historic photographs

David Ellis,
Director, Museums and Cultural Engagement (comprising Macleay Museum, Nicholson Museum, University Art Gallery and Collection, Seymour Centre)
Expertise: Museum management and administration; exhibition project and program management (including travelling exhibitions)

Anthony Gill,
Curator, Macleay Museum
Expertise: History of natural history, particularly nineteenth-century ichthyology

Jude Philp, Senior Curator, Macleay Museum
Expertise: Museum practice; history and culture of the Pacific; natural history practice; taxidermy

Matt Poll,
Assistant Curator, Macleay Museum
Expertise: Development for and involvement of communities in collections and documentation; repatriation and return of material to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art practice

Michael Turner,
Senior Curator, Nicholson Museum
Expertise: The history of museum collections and collectors; historic photography