In-country language units

From 2018, you can travel overseas and learn another language with an intensive in-country unit as p

Keep saying you want to learn another language? Now’s your chance.
We’ve reimagined the way we teach and expanded the parameters of the classroom. From 2018, you can travel overseas and learn another language with an intensive in-country unit as part of the new Open Learning Environment (OLE).

Take the first step in your study of languages or choose the units as an introduction to another culture-they’re open to all commencing undergraduate students. Please refer to your Faculty to ensure enrolment eligibility.

Along with 6 credit points toward your degree, you’ll gain unique, first-hand experiences in country through a combination of formal language classes and cultural activities – including visits to museums, theatres, memorial sites – and enhance your cross-cultural skills.

While open to students at all language levels, the OLE in-country units are best suited for beginners with no prior knowledge. Please note that the OLE units are not counted towards your major. We strongly encourage you to venture into new language experiences to expand your linguistic and cultural horizons.

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*Please note that units may be cancelled where there are insufficient enrolment numbers.

To apply, click through ‘Apply now’ under your preferred destination to begin application process. Places are limited on a first in, best dressed basis. Please note that a deposit fee is included in the application process. For further enquiries, contact the respective OLE unit coordinators.

Our units currently include:

Experience the Spanish-speaking World

Unit code: OLES2149

Where? Universidad de Valladolid – Valladolid, Spain

When? 1/07/2018 – 15/07/18

Coordinator: Dr Luis Angosto Ferrandez

Last date to enrol: 28 May 2018

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Experience Germany

Unit code: OLES2139

Where? The University of Bamberg – Bamberg, Germany

When? 2/07/2018 – 13/07/2018

Coordinator: Tristan Lay

Last date to enrol: 2 May 2018 (deadline extended)

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Experience Italy

Unit code: OLES2143

Where? The University of Padova – Padova PD, Italy

When? 2/07/2018 – 16/07/2018

Coordinator: Dr Francesco Borghesi

Last date to enrol: 10 May 2018 (deadline extended)

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Experience Indonesia

Unit code: OLES2141

Where? Satya Wacana Christian University – Salatiga, Indonesia

When? 30 June 2018 - 21 July 2018

Coordinator: Dr Dyah Pitaloka

Last date to enrol: 17 May 2018

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Experience China

Unit code: OLES2137

Where? Peking University – Beijing Shi, China

When? 27/11/2018 – 15/12/2018

Coordinator: Irene Shidong An

Last date to enrol: 14 October 2018

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Experience Germany (December 2018)

Unit code: OLES2139

Where? Humboldt University – Berlin, Germany

When? 3/12/2018 – 14/12/2018

Enrolment closes: 19 October 2018

Experience Japan

Unit code: OLES2153

Where? Rikkyo University – Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan

When? TBA

Coordinator: Dr Mats Karlsson

Last date to enrol: 18 August 2018

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Experience the Arab World

Unit code: OLES2451

Where? AMIDEAST – Rabat, Morocco

When? January, 2019

Coordinator: Dr Nesrine Basheer

Last date to enrol: 25 October 2018

Experience Korea

Unit code: OLES2145

Where? University of Korea – Seoul, South Korea

When? January, 2019

Coordinator: Assoc Prof Ki-Sung Kwak

Last date to enrol: 1 December 2018

Please note that units may be cancelled where there is insufficient enrolment numbers.