Outside the Square is a series of interactive conversations designed especially for alumni and friends of the University of Sydney.

Festival of Dangerous Ideas meets Q&A; held off campus at the Old Rum Store—a five-minute stroll from Central, in Chippendale’s Creative Precinct—where contemporary issues are unpacked by our sharpest academics and graduate experts in front of a live audience who use their phones to comment and ask questions. There’s drinks. There’s fancy food. It’s fun.


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Outside the Square has concluded for 2017... but we’ll be back!

6 sold-out discussions. 20 expert panellists. 247 questions. 389 comments. 792 audience members.

Outside the Square covered a lot of ground in 2017—from parsing the implications of a post-truth world to evaluating Shakespeare’s increasingly complicated legacy to challenging assumptions about the nature of happiness—we’re happy to report, our first season was a success.

We’d like to thank our graduate and academic speakers who shared their time and expertise.

We’d also like to thank everyone who joined us at the Old Rum Store and took part in the conversation.

We look forward to meeting new faces and exploring new ideas again when we return in 2018.

Details to follow shortly. Stay tuned!


Enquiries? outside.thesquare@sydney.edu.au

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