Outside the Square is a series of interactive conversations designed especially for alumni and friends of the University of Sydney.

It’s our version of Q&A, held off campus at the Old Rum Store—a five-minute stroll from Central, in Chippendale’s Creative Precinct—where contemporary issues are unpacked by our sharpest academics and graduate experts in front of a live audience who use their phones to comment and ask questions. There’s drinks. There’s fancy food. It’s fun.


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For the better part of a decade, some commentators have warned that we are living in a real estate bubble that will inevitably and—very shortly—burst. But as housing prices continue to soar and wages stagger behind inflation, others argue that the historical upward trend in house prices will prevail.

While this endless speculation about the future of the real estate market has become something of a national pastime, a stark political-economic reality has emerged: home ownership is no longer affordable for most Australians.

As young adults defer leaving the family home, as the size of mortgages proportional to salaries puts pressure on standards of living, as a generation of young Australians are consigned to ‘permanent renter’ status, realities once thought unimaginable in this country are becoming the norm.

Our expert panel—a sociologist, an urban planner and a young economist—will interrogate the affordability crisis and offer new ways of thinking about how we could live better.

Our speakers:

Associate Prof. Melinda Cooper - Sociology
Prof. Peter Phibbs - Architecture, Design and Planning
Eliza Owen - Residential Research Analyst, Domain

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When? Thursday 13th of September, 6-8pm

Where? The Old Rum Store, Chippendale

How much?
Students/Staff — $15
Alumni — $20
Friends — $25

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*ticket prices include drinks and catering.

Enquiries? outside.thesquare@sydney.edu.au


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