Outside the Square is a series of interactive conversations designed especially for alumni and friends of the University of Sydney.

It’s our version of Q&A, held off campus at the Old Rum Store—a five-minute stroll from Central, in Chippendale’s Creative Precinct—where contemporary issues are unpacked by our sharpest academics and graduate experts in front of a live audience who use their phones to comment and ask questions. There’s drinks. There’s fancy food. It’s fun.


Latest Session_

Ethical AI: Are robots our friends?

Thursday 2nd of August, 6-8pm

There is consensus that AI will shortly change our world beyond recognition, radically reorganising relations between humans and machines. But is this a good or a bad thing?

On the one hand, AI is rapidly delivering great benefit to humans—through the minimisation of dangerous or boring tasks; and the removal of human error as seen in algorithmically driven medical diagnoses or the swift analysis of complex legal and financial documentation.

On the other, AI threatens mass unemployment across the blue-and white-collar divide as the distribution of new wealth consolidates inequality. In a disrupted world, in which individuals are increasingly reliant on machines, human psychologies and morals are tested and the very notion of what it is to be human breaks down.

Join the great artificial intelligence debate as two pro-AI experts take on one very sceptical philosopher—are robots our friends?

Our speakers:

Prof. David Braddon-Mitchell - Philosophy
Prof. Salah Sukkarieh - Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Alice Klein - Australasia reporter, New Scientist

When? Thursday 2nd of August, 6-8pm

Where? The Old Rum Store, Chippendale

How much?
Students/Staff — $15
Alumni — $20
Friends — $25

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*ticket prices include drinks and catering.

Enquiries? outside.thesquare@sydney.edu.au


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