Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching on the causes of conflict and the conditions that affect conflict resolution and peace. Research projects and other activities focus on the resolution of conflict with a view to attaining just societies.

The department aims to facilitate dialogue between individuals, groups or communities who are concerned with conditions of positive peace, whether in interpersonal relationships, community relations, within organisations and nations, or with reference to international relations.



Latest News

  • ABC TV's Matter of Fact hosts guests from CISS Q4 Symposium (QC3I)

    In the eve of the Q Forum and the QC3I Symposoium, Stan Grant, host of ABC's program Matter of Fact, discussed with Allison Macfarlane, from George Washington University/International Science and Technology Policy, Michael Biercuk, from University of Sydney/Quantum Physics/Q-Ctrl, and James Der Derian, Director of University of Sydney's Centre for Internaitonal Security Studies, on a variety of topics related to quantum: From the scientific potential for quantum technology, to how governments can regulate emerging and high-risk technologies. And how quantum technology could impact society, and specifically, global balance of power between China/US.