Vision and purpose

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies was established in May 1988 as a specialist research and teaching centre within The University of Sydney to promote the understanding and achievement of peace with justice. This goal coincides with the United Nations international program to create a global and local 'Culture of Peace'. Peace with justice is not merely the absence of violence. It means the achievement of positive, lasting peace through the elimination of physical, structural, cultural and ecological violence.

Today, the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies carries on this legacy by seeking to promote a culture of peace with justice through the study, teaching, advocacy and practice of non-violence, conflict analysis and resolution, respect for human rights, environmental awareness, reconciliation and peacebuilding. A just peace cannot be imposed from 'above'; it can only be grown by inclusion and dialogue between all groups in society. This extends from the home and neighbourhood to the regional, national and international communities. DPACS advocates and facilitates such dialogue.

DPACS promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching on the causes of conflict and the conditions that affect conflict resolution and peace. Research projects and other activities focus on conflict resolution with a view to attaining peace with justice.