How DPACS works

DPACS, and the programs it was established to deliver, are goverened by a Constitution ratified by the University of Sydney. By its Constitution, DPACS is directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor. The CPACS Council updated the Constitution in February 2005 and February 2013. The Department is reviewed on an ad hoc basis through the University officers with whom it consults, including, the Head of School, the Dean, the Pro- Vice-Chancellor College and the Vice-Chancellor.

CPACS governance structure

DPACS is goverened democratically by its Members who pay annual subscriptions to support the Department. The Department's academic programmes, financial and human resource management are also overseen by the University. The DPACS Constitution requires Members to elect each year (at the Annual General Meeting) a governing committee, the Council, and to elect a number of office bearers including the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and volunteers with specific functions such as membership, seminars, publications and library management. The Constitution also requires the extablishment of an Executive Committee comprising paid staff members and two elected representatives of the Council.

CPACS management structure

The Executive Committee is responsible for the appointment of a Director, subject to the concurrence of the Council. Overall management and financial accountability for the Department rests with the Director who must account to both the University and to the DPACS Council. The Centre's strategic direction and policy is set by the Council, although this may also be subject to University governance in such matters as approval of academic and research programmes, budget management and the appointment and management of staff. Day to day management is delegated by the CPACS Constitution to the Director and to the Executive Committee, subject to the review and concurrence of Council (and, where appropriate, the University).

The Council meets every six weeks and the Executive Committee meets every three weeks.

Download the CPACS Constitution (pdf) amended in 2013.