2002 Seminars, Conferences and Other Events

Semester 1

11 March 2002
How It All Began: Zionism, Israel and the Palestinians
Dr Paul White, CPACS

25 March 2002
Camp David, Oslo and Beyond: The Peace Process and the Role of the West
Assoc. Prof. Ian J. Bickerton, University of New South Wales

8 April 2002
Grassroots Peacemaking: People Building Peace between Israelis and Palestinians
Zeena Elton, Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education

12 April 2002
Roundtable Discussion with Mrs Irene Santiago, member of the Philippine Government Peace Panel

22 April 2002
The Peace Process and the Right of Return
Dr Helen McCue, University of New South Wales

24 April 2002
Aceh – Towards Peace Through Democracy
Erwanto, Acehnese Popular Democratic Resistance Front

6 May 2002
Political and Economic Implications of the Oslo Collapse for Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the Middle East
David Beirman, Israel Government Tourism Office

8 May 2002
The War on Terrorism
Dr Ken Macnab, CPACS

20 May 2002
What is Stopping Peace? A Palestinian Perspective
Dr Ahmad Shboul, University of Sydney

27 May 2002
What is Stopping Peace? An Israeli Perspective
Dr Gil Merom, University of Sydney and Captain Nicholas Weininger, ex-Israeli Army

3 June 2002
Towards Peace with Justice for Israelis and Palestinians: Where To From Here?
Dr Ephraim Nimni, University of NSW and Abe Quadan, CPACS

7 June 2002
Book launch and talk by Bernard Otterman, author of The Golem of Auschwitz: Stories

17 June 2002
The Role of the UN and Independent Peace Centres in Achieving Peace with Justice
Dr Rita Hauser, International Peace Academy

26 June 2002
Sydney Peace Foundation Breakfast Seminar: Giving Peace a Chance: A Beautiful Extreme
Jeff McMullan, author and journalist

Semester 2

5 August
The Middle East: Between Reality and Reality TV Shows
Ephraim Ben-Matityahu, Consul General of Israel

7 August
Developing Just Refugee Policies in Australia: Local, National and International Concerns Public Evening Lecture
(a University Senate initiative organised by CPACS), with Father Frank Brennan, SJ AO

12 August 2002
The Two Nations Theory and the Beginnings of the Kashmir Issue
Dr Jim Masselos, University of Sydney

14 August 2002
Journey of Hope: Raising Leaders in Post-Soviet Armenia
Dr Armen Gakavian, CPACS

15 August 2002
Prospects for Reunification in Korea
Dr Hun Kyung Lee and Dr Byung-Chul Seo, Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea

19 August 2002
War or Peace on the Indian Subcontinent: The Question of Kashmir
Dr Bob Stern, Macquarie University

26 August 2002
The Impact of September 11 on the Kashmir Conflict
John Zubrzycki, The Australian

4 September 2002
Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue and Peaceful Co-existence
Rotem Dan-Mor, Israeli conscientious objector

9 September 2002
What is Stopping Peace? An Indian Perspective
Mgana Pathi, Indian Consul-General

16 September 2002
The Impact of the Media on the Kashmir Conflict
Christopher Kremmer, Sydney Morning Herald

18 September 2002
Ruminating on a Big Mac: Conflict Resolution and Globalisation
Dr Alan Tidwell, United States Institute of Peace

20 September 2002
Controlling Nuclear Weapons, End the “Hypocrisy”
Morning workshop with Ambassador Richard Butler

23 September 2002
Human Rights Issues in Kashmir
Kate Barker, Amnesty International

6 November 2002
City of Sydney Peace Prize Lecture
Mary Robinson, former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rightsc