2006 Seminars, Conferences and Other Events

CPACS organises regular seminars and other events at the Centre or at other locations on the University of Sydney Camperdown campus.

CPACS seminars are free and open to anyone interested. For other events there may be a small charge.

Monday August 7, 2006

Seminar 1 of the Peace Research and Practice Seminar Series

Yuko Miyazawa

Youth in Bougainville: Their Situation, Involvement in Peacebuilding and Images of Peace

It is nearing a decade since the end of the Bougainville ten-year civil war in 1998. What has become of the young generation who grew up during the conflict? What involvement, if any, are Bougainville youth having in peacebuilding? How are their experiences and ‘images of peace’ shaping the future of their country?

These and many other questions will be discussed by Yuko Miyazawa. Yuko has recently completed an M.Litt treatise on ‘Youth in Bougainville: Their Situation, Involvement in Peacebuilding and Images of Peace’ at the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. Her presentation will explore issues from this treatise and incorporate a discussion of her experiences of field research in Bougainville.

12.30 - 2.00pm
The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
Room 107, Mackie Building
Arundel St , The University of Sydney

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Tuesday June 6 , 2006

Rod Barton

"The Weapons Detective"

Rod Barton first became involved in investigating Iraq’s use of chemical weapons in 1983. Following the first Gulf War, the United Nations invited Barton to participate in the first inspection of Iraq. In 1994, Rod Barton joined UNSCOM in New York as a principal investigator. Barton was later invited by Dr Hans Blix to be an adviser to him and his organization, UNMOVIC, in the lead-up to the 2003 Iraq war. In June 2003, the US formed the Iraq Survey Group to hunt for WMD in Iraq. In early December 2003, Barton became the senior specialist advisor to the head of the Group and assisted in the assembling of the ISG’s main report.

Rod Barton will be speaking on his forthcoming book, The Weapons Detective, in a free public lecture hosted by the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney.

6.30 PM (doors open at 6PM)
Footbridge Theatre
Parramatta Rd, The University of Sydney

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Monday May 29 , 2006

Kamal Fadel

A free lunchtime seminar presentation and discussion with Polisario’s representative to Australia on:

'The Role of the UN in Decolonisation:
A Comparison BetweenWestern Sahara and East Timor'

There are many striking similarities and parallels between the issues of Western Sahara and East Timor. Both were abandoned by the colonial powers and occupied by their neighbours in 1975. Both were included in the UN list of non-self-governing territories waiting for the right to self-determination. But while the UN succeeded in organising a referendum of self-determination in East Timor in 1999, it has so far failed to do the same in Western Sahara despite spending over US$ 600 million and 15 years of efforts.

12.30 - 2 PM
Room 107, Mackie Building
Arundel St, Glebe , The University of Sydney

Wednesday May 24, 2006

Dr Keith Suter

"Can The United Nations Be Reformed?"

The UN is now an 'old' organisation, but since its creation in 1945 it has not had any major overhaul. Why has it been so difficult to reform the UN? What are the current proposals? What are the chances of a major reform in the near future?

6.00 PM
Room 107, Mackie Building
Arundel St, Glebe , The University of Sydney
(near the Footbridge)

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Wednesday May 10, 2006

A documentary by Dilnaz Boga

"Invisible Kashmir: The Other Side of Jannat (paradise)"

“I’ll grow up and join the Hizbul Mujahideen just like my father,” says the 8-year-old son of a slain militant. The boy lives in an orphanage in Kashmir.

This is a reflection of the turmoil that is within and around children in Kashmir. Some express it eloquently; others are unable to utter a word. This documentary peeks into their lives and attempts to bring to the fore the reality beyond mainstream media reports.

1.00 PM
Education Building , Lecture Theatre 351
Manning Rd , The University of Sydney
(near the Manning Building)

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Monday April 10 , 2006

Dr Bernard Otterman

"Black Grass: Holocaust Stories"

Holocaust survivor and author of The Golem of Auschwitz Bernard Otterman will be discussing his background and reading from his new short story collection entitled Black Grass: Holocaust Stories (Jewish Heritage Press).

12.30 PM
Mackie Building, Room 107
Arundel St, The University of Sydney
(near the Parramatta Rd footbridge)

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Thursday February 23, 2006

Zaki Chehab

"Iraq Ablaze"

6pm for 6.30pm start
Bosch Complex, Lecture Theatre 4
Western Avenue, The University of Sydney
(entry via Carillon Avenue, opposite Women's College)

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Thursday February 16, 2006

Senator Kerry Nettle, Emeritus Professor Stuart Rees, and co-author of the 'Genocide in West Papua?' report, John Wing.

"West Papua Refugees and Australia"

6pm for 6.30pm start
Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre
Level 1, Eastern Avenue Complex , The University of Sydney
(nearest entry via City Rd)

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Wednesday January 18, 2006

Jake Lynch Book launch

"Peace Journalism "

6pm for 6.30pm
Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
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