International Peace Research Association Conference 2010

Every two years, the members of the International Peace Research Association (IPRA) meet at their global conference to:

  • assess conflict and peacebuilding in the world;
  • discuss the state of the art of peace research;
  • plan future research, and
  • influence the practice and decision-making of violence prevention and peace building.

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IPRA Sydney 2010

Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Date: 6th -10th July
Theme: Communicating Peace
Host: Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney
Guests: Open
Keynote Speakers:

  • Irene Khan, Former Secretary General of Amnesty International
  • Johan Galtung, TRANCEND
  • Patrick Dodson, Sydney Peace Prize winner and former Commissioner into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

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About IPRA

The International Peace Research Association (IPRA) is an international non-governmental organisation seeking to advance trans-disciplinary research into the conditions of sustainable peace and the causes of war and other forms of violence. IPRA encourages worldwide cooperation designed to assist the advancement of peace research, in particular: to promote national and international studies and teaching related to the pursuit of world peace, to facilitate contacts and cooperation between scholars and educators throughout the world, and to encourage the worldwide dissemination of the results of peace research.

Today, IPRA has approximately 1400 individual and institutional associates worldwide and is a member of the International Social Science Council. In 1989 IPRA received the UNESCO prize for Peace Education.