Dr Frank Hutchinson

BA, DipEd, MEd (NSW), MA(Hons)(Macq), PhD(NE)

Dr Frank Hutchinson is currently Chair and visiting Professor at the Graduate Institute of Futures Studies, Tamkang University, Tapei. Frank has an international reputation for scholarship in peace studies/ peace education/sociology of peace and conflict/futures studies.

He is consulting editor of the Journal of Futures Studies and an editorial member of the Journal of Peace Education. Among his various publications are Educating beyond violent futures (Routledge: London) and People, problems and Planet Earth(Macmillan: Melbourne).

He has a strong background in innovative teaching at both the tertiary and pre-tertiary levels, including face-to-face and distance modes in the social sciences and humanities. He has wide experience in mentoring students doing honours level and post-graduate research projects. For several years, he served on the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association. He has also worked as a curriculum consultant (kindergarten to high school) with the New South Wales Department of Education in the areas of peace education and human rights education.

For several years, he has taught in the Diploma of Aboriginal Studies through the Open Learning and Training Network (OTEN) in TAFE. Before being invited in late 2007 to teach the CPACS’s postgraduate unit, Peace and the Environment, he had helped establish an innovative undergraduate program in peace studies at the University of Western Sydney. This had included the teaching and coordination of the foundation unit, ‘peace, sustainability and world futures’.

Reflective of his strong cross-disciplinary interests and teaching experience, he had earlier taught in Asian studies and sociology at the University of New England. At that university, he was active in the creation of the Centre for Peace Studies and in support for its evolving peace studies program.