Jaroslav Petrik

jaroslav petrik

Room 103 Mackie Building K01
phone: +61 9036 9285
fax: +61 2 9660 0862

Jaroslav Petrik joined CPACS as a Visiting Scholar in October 2007 to advance his PhD research on terrorism and foreign aid. He explores how the threat of terrorism from poor countries shapes the donor governments’ policies on their foreign aid budgets, and how these adjustments affect the impact of official development assistance (ODA) programs on communities back in the recipient countries. This research is based at Jaroslav’s home institution, which is the Department of Political Science, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.

Besides working on his own research, Jaroslav got involved in academic discussions with his new CPACS colleagues, contemplating over the politics of intervention, the concept of UNEPS and transitional justice.

He also organised a one-day CPACS conference “What Works and What Doesn’t: New Directions in Conflict Intervention”, which was held at the University of Sydney on 1 February 2008.


  • Strategies of official development aid
  • Transnational advocacy networks (small arms and light weapons, arms transfers, etc.)
  • Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • International security studies
  • Non-democratic regimes
  • Terrorism


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