Peter Herborn

BA (Hons), MTCP (Syd.), MIAG, MPIA.

Peter Herborn is a graduate of Sydney University in geography and town and country planning. He has worked as a town planner and as an academic in geography, planning and peace studies. He is a member of the Institute of Australian Geographers, the NSW Geographical Society and the Planning Institute of Australia. Peter has undertaken further study and research in universities and local government authorities in Australia, the United States and the UK. Formerly a Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator, Peter is currently an Adjunct Fellow in the School of Social Sciences and in the Social Justice and Social Change Research Centre of the University of Western Sydney.

Peter’s research and consulting interests include public participation in planning, violence prevention in public places, landscape interpretation and sustainable urban design. New technologies of planning, such as geographic information systems, have been built into surveillance and weaponry, but they have potential to make the planning process more inclusive and transparent. Peter is interested in democratising the planning process and empowering local communities. Peter is interested in the role of urban design and heritage conservation in contributing to peaceful places and more socially and environmentally sustainable cities.

At the University of Western Sydney Peter was instrumental in the establishment of new courses in environmental planning, geographic information systems and geography. In collaboration with other academics he contributed to courses in research methods, peace studies and environmental criminology. His teaching style aims to build research capability and creative problem solving skills.

Selected Publications

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