Peter Herborn

BA (Hons), MTCP (Syd.)

Peter Herborn is a graduate of Sydney University in geography and town and country planning. He has worked as a town planner and as an academic in geography, planning and peace studies and is a former Vice President of the Geographical Society of NSW. At the University of Western Sydney Peter was instrumental in the establishment of the planning course and as inaugural course coordinator developed new units in geographic information systems and urban geography. Now retired, he serves on the Council of CPACS and the Diocesan Ecumenical Commission of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.
Peter convenes the Museum of Peace and Nonviolence subcommittee of the CPACS Council and is a contact for the International Network of Museums for Peace.

Teaching in Peace Studies

University of Western Sydney (now Western Sydney University), 2005-2007.
101338 Peace Sustainability and World Futures; 400683 Sociology of Peace Violence and Sustainable Futures.

University of Sydney 2008-2011
PACS 6903, Peace and the Environment.

Selected Publications and Presentations

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