Vivianna Rodriguez Carreon

Vivianna is a PhD candidate 2013 at CPACS (Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies). Her research project focuses on the Process of Empowerment which covered women survivors of war and their experiences during the aftermath of violent conflict. She is exploring the concept of resilience and the relationship with passive and active agency within the process of empowerment in the transitional justice framework. Currently her research area is women in poverty, conflict and peace-building, she is focusing on women’s agency and empowerment for political participation. She draws on the Capability Approach and its relationship with Human Development and Human Security theories. The case study of her research project is about Peru. Her main supervisor is Dr. Wendy Lambourne.

She was a visiting scholar at OPHI (Oxford Poverty and Human Development) at the International Development Depart in Oxford University (2011). During her time in Oxford Vivianna concentrated in exploring ways of using the Capability Approach and the Human Development theory to explain the process of empowerment. She received supervision from Dr. Sabina Alkire. She holds a Masters Degree (2006) from the Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo in Brazil. The dissertation it is available here in Portuguese. Vivianna has also worked for Amnesty International (2005) as a Refugee Case worker with her research covering several countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Colombia. She also completed an internship program through Oxfam (2005) within the Youth Parliament working within the research area and advocacy program dealing with Spanish speakers. Her research is available here in French. Vivianna has been involved with CPACS and the Sydney Peace Foundation since 2006. As an executive member of the NSW Human Rights Education Committee and the Schools Peace Initiative she has contributed her time through volunteering and conducting research, helping to organise programmes and events like the Sydney Peace Prize and giving unconditional advice and support to SPF Interns.


  • APA Scholar 2009-2011 (Australian Postgraduate Award) (Australia)
  • CNPq Scholar 2004-2006 (National Council for Research and Development) (Brazil)

Conferences Papers and Publications

  • Presenting: “Poverty and its forms of oppression: the lack of acknowledging agency and its disempowerment mechanism –The case of Peruvian quechuan rural women”. HDCA Human Development and Capability Approach Conference 2011, The Hague, Sep 2011
  • Attending: Workshop UNDP. Human Development concepts and Implications, Oxford, 2011
  • Presenting: “Women’s agency through empowerment for participation in the aftermath of conflict: A case study in Peru”. IPRA International Peace Research Association, Sydney, July 2010
  • Presenting: “How do women who experience extreme violence during conflict become agents of peace within a peace-building process?” HDCA Human Development and Capability Approach Conference 2009, Lima Sep 2009
  • Attending: Conference. East Timor, March 2009
  • Presenting: “Women’s association as empowerment for political
    participation”. MLC High School. Sydney. 17 November 2008
  • Publication: “Passage of Conflict: What encouraged me to research conflict and peace building?”, PeaceWrites, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney – Issue 1, 2008, p13
  • Presenting: International Conference Paper Presentation – ANU Scholarship: “Empowering Women for Political Participation in Post Conflict: Comparing Peru and East Timor”, Asia Pacific Week, Australian National University – Canberra, January 2008
  • International Conference Paper Presentation: “Women’s association as empowerment for political participation within a post conflict environment (case study: Rural Peru)”, Paper presentation, Global Peace Forum, Tomorrow People Organization – Cairo, April 2008