Dr Vivianna Rodriguez Carreon


PhD (Sydney) MSocWk s.str. (PUC Sao Paulo) BA (Lima)

I am a sessional academic and visiting fellow at the Department for Peace and Conflict Studies.

I have cultural rich background, lived in 5 different countries speaking 3 different languages.

My thesis was on human agency and empowerment. The theories, approaches and policies I explored were around human development, human security, the capability approach, transitional justice and consciousness.

Today my work is on “Indigenous Philosophies”, in acknowledging Indigenous agency leverage through technology, and exploring the theory of “apperception”.

Research background

Vivianna’s research focused on women in triple disadvantage, and explored how war affects their perception and conceptualization of the everyday journey. She focused on the literature by Amartya Sen, Mahbub Ul Haq, Jiddu Krishnamurti and Paulo Freire.
She was a research fellow at the Summer Research Mind and Life Institute (2016). She was a visiting scholar at OPHI (Oxford Poverty and Human Development) at Oxford University (2011). She was a member of the NSW Human Rights Education Committee (2009), she collaborated working on “The Citizenship of Humanity” project and “The Schools Peace Initiative” at the Sydney Peace Foundation. She has also previously worked in advocacy for Amnesty International (2005), and the “Make Poverty History” campaign and the “International Youth Parliament” at Oxfam (2005). Vivianna is in the process of publishing her book about the agency of women’s empowerment in participation for decision-making, in the context of poverty and war.

Book (in process for publication)

Rodriguez Carreon, Vivianna. Dynamics of Human Agency: Women’s War Journey.


Lambourne, Wendy and Rodriguez Carreon, Vivianna. “Engendering Transitional Justice: a Transformative Approach to Building Peace and Attaining Human Rights for Women”. Human Rights Review (2016) 17:71. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12142-015-0376-0

Rodriguez Carreon, Vivianna. Genero y Conflicto armado: El empoderamiento de las mujeres mediante asociaciones. (Translated: Gender and Armed conflict: Women’s empowerment through associations). e-journal RIMARISUM, Memory. 2 Ed. February 2010.

Selected Academic Presentations

“Building a renewed sense of purpose and agency after trauma”. 1st ANZ Refugee trauma recovery in resettlement conference. STARTS Sydney. March 2017.
“Mobility after war: consciousness acknowledgement and the missing dimension in capabilities”. HDCA Human Development and Capability Approach Conference. Washington DC. September 2015.

“Poverty and its forms of oppression”. HDCA Human Development and Capability Approach Conference. The Hague. September 2011.

Selected Awards

2008-2013. APA Australian Postgraduate Award: PhD award. University of Sydney, Australia.

2004-2006: CNPQ National Centre of Scientific Research award. Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo, Brazil.