Postgraduate Coursework

DPACS offers postgraduate coursework courses at master's degree, graduate diploma and graduate certificate levels. These courses provide the foundations for a critical understanding of the causes of conflict and violence, and develop awareness of the means by which we can build peace, justice and human rights on a local and global scale. Informed by the latest research, the coursework program focuses on developing theoretical understandings and practical skills that can be applied within the increasingly diverse field of peace and conflict studies.

For over 15 years our graduates have gone on to make exciting careers in the United Nations, international NGOs, aid and development agencies, universities, media and many other settings. This degree will equip you to make a substantial professional contribution to peace with justice in the world.

Unsure if you'll be in Sydney for the whole of your degree? Postgraduate coursework in Peace and Conflict Studies may be undertaken via a combination of distance learning and intensive face-to-face teaching, as well as full or part-time study in Sydney.

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The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies is currently offering partial scholarships for a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies. The scholarship will pay AUD$2500 towards the fees in each of the first two semesters of enrollment. It will be redeemed only towards the Master of Peace and Conflict Studies degree (i.e. not the Graduate Certificate or any other program).

In addition to being eligible to enroll in the degree, applicants will be asked to submit a short statement explaining their need for financial support and, secondly why they wish to study the subject and what they plan to do as a result (500 words total). For submissions and enquirers please contact . Interested potential recipients should apply at any time.

Peace and Conflict Studies Postgraduate Coursework Programs

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