Units of Study

Students undertaking postgraduate coursework degrees at the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies have the opportunity to study with expert researchers and practitioners in areas including nonviolence, community mediation, human rights, the United Nations, faith-based peacebuilding, and the psychology of peace.

For more information on the units of study currently on offer, please see the table below (for details of session date and time for each unit, you can view the DPACS timetable).

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PACS6915 - Human Rights, Peace and Justice

Semester 2, 2014  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Eyal Mayroz


This unit explores the philosophical development of the idea of human rights and the international human rights regime as a means of promoting peace with justice. We examine legal instruments, political strategies, humanitarian challenges and moral imperatives that pertain to implementing human rights locally and internationally. We consider debates surrounding universality of human rights, humanitarian intervention, the role of civil society and global responsibilities, as well as specific rights such as those of women, refugees and indigenous peoples.


on campus: 2000wd short essay (40%) and 4000wd major essay (60%); online: 500wd equivalent online discussion (10%) and 4x500wd readings responses (30%) and 500wd essay plan (10%) and 3000wd final essay (50%)


1x2-hr seminar/week or online equivalent

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