Conflict Solutions Australia

  • Do you want to stop conflict before it starts?
  • Do you wish you could resolve a conflict?
  • Do you wish you could state your case better?

Every day, people find themselves in conflict, ranging from minor discomfort to serious confrontations. Generally, when people think about conflict they believe there are only three solutions: compromising, winning or losing. But there are other ways. Conflict Solutions Australia can show you how to find them.

About Conflict Solutions Australia

Conflict Solutions Australia helps organisations and individuals solve the problems of conflict in all aspects of life. This includes providing the tools to effectively practice conflict resolution.

CSA offers professional conflict resolution workshops, customised consultancy, facilitation and mediation services for business, government and community organisations, educators, schools and aid and development work.

Conflict Solutions Australia provides access to a team of professionally qualified, practising conflict and mediation professionals. CSA is supported by the expertise and resources of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies within the University of Sydney.

Our Vision

To help individuals and organisations in all walks of life to overcome the problems associated with conflict.

Our Mission

To deliver and facilitate realistic, sustainable solutions to conflict-related problems for a diverse range of clients and situations.

Within the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies and the University of Sydney, to be a centre of excellence in delivering conflict resolution skills, analysis, training and education to local, national and international communities and organisations.

Our Values

Our values are consistent with those of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies:

  • We are committed to the principles and practice of peace with justice
  • We encourage the creative exercise of power with an emphasis on a conciliatory ethos
  • We support a ‘humanitarianism’ that presupposes the values, philosophy and language of non-violence
  • We adhere to ethical standards with principled negotiation

Our Clients

Business, government, educational and community organisations, schools, aid and development organisations and consultants, NGO's throughout Australia and overseas.


  • Professional development and training workshops
  • Individual support in how to prevent and resolve conflict
  • Help with negotiating intractable disputes
  • Conflict resolution services
  • Consultancy - investigation, analysis and recommendations
  • Independent mediation or facilitation
  • Advocacy

Public Speaking and Dialogue
Formal and informal addresses, facilitated workshops, and seminars employing the skills and practice of communications and conflict resolution.


Administrative Assistant
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
Mackie Building K01
University of Sydney NSW 2006

Tel: +61 2 9351 7686
Fax: +61 2 9660 0862

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How to find us:
The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies is located in the Mackie Building in Arundel Street, Glebe, across the footbridge over Parramatta Road from the main campus of the University of Sydney.

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