Current Projects and Programmes

Refugee Language Program

The Refugee Language Program at Sydney University provides a diverse range of services to refugees and asylum seekers. These include on-campus classes, home tutoring and a referral service. We currently run 4 classes More>

West Papua Project

October 2000 - Ongoing
The West Papua Project seeks to promote peaceful dialogue between the people of West Papua and Indonesia, and to promote conflict resolution as a viable alternative to the current and escalating conflict. Its objectives include: Establishing relevant links with NGOs, academics and parliamentarians in Australia, West Papua and Indonesia; and raising public awareness of the conflict between West Papua and Indonesia with particular reference to the human rights implications and the threat to the stability of the South Pacific region. More>

Human Survival Project

The Human Survival Project (HSP) was adopted by the Council of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at Sydney University in June 2012 as a joint initiative of DPACS and PND (People for Nuclear Disarmament). MAPW (the Medical Association for the Prevention of War) in Australia has already signalled support and other organisations have expressed keen interest. More>

Sri Lanka Human Rights Project

In light of the injustice that permeates post-conflict Sri Lanka, the project aims to raise awareness and invoke action towards the country’s human rights disaster, and for an unreconciled minority population who continue to fall victim to the impunity of the Sri Lankan state. The Sri Lanka Human Rights Project calls for an international independent investigation into war crimes More>

New South Wales Human Rights Education Committee

Several DPACS members are involved in the New South Wales Human Rights Education Committee. Human rights education is critical to maintaining and fostering a tolerant, just, equitable and democratic society. Recognising the importance of human rights education in Australia. More>

Reconnecting Communities in Conflict

The aim of this project is to create a safe and supportive environment for communities to meet and discuss their concerns and grievances, in the hope of reaching a better understanding for mutually positive outcomes. The goal of this project is to build social cohesion and community resilience. Reconnecting Communities in Conflict has begun with a pilot workshop in early 2015 involving representatives from the Great Lakes diaspora communities including Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and Uganda. More>

Creators of Peace Circles

Creators of Peace provides participants with the experience of being together with others of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs/faiths, and exploring as a group, their ability to generate peace in their own life and in their wider community.

Creators of Peace started as an international women's initiative in 1991 to invite women to engage in the creation of peace at every level of society. Creators of Peace now offers Creators of Peace Circles and other gatherings to connect people and develop their innate ability as peacebuilders and proactive peace creators. More>