New South Wales Human Rights Education Committee

Several DPACS members are involved in the New South Wales Human Rights Education Committee. Human rights education is critical to maintaining and fostering a tolerant, just, equitable and democratic society. Recognising the importance of human rights education in Australia and the currently existing gaps in its delivery and coordination, a number of Australians with the support and encouragement of government agencies, business and community organisations have established a Committee on Human Rights Education. Fundamental to the work of the Committee will be defining and re-examining human rights education in NSW and ensuring our community draws the greatest possible benefit from it. At the heart of human rights education is promotion of values and access to education that can be summed up in the Australian ethos of ‘a fair go for all’.

NSWHREC have been meeting at six-weekly intervals in the DPACS Gallery. The executive committee comprises a number of DPACS members including Dr Tim Marchant (secretary); Father Claude Mostowik (treasurer); Jenny McNaughton; Ann Hinton and Laurie Craddock. In 2007, volunteer interns Vivianna Rodriguez (Peru) and Mauricio Bastien (Mexico) showed great flair and creativity in furthering two projects “The Citizenship of Humanity” – introducing human rights education lessons to primary schools – and, with the Sydney Peace Foundation, “The Schools Peace Initiative” – providing an online gallery for high schools peace projects.

Visit the New South Wales Human Rights Education Committee website.

Citizenship of Humanity

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