Current grants and projects

Peace Journalism

CPACS Director, Associate Professor Jake Lynch is the holder of a three-year grant from the Australian Research Council to formulate a Global Standard for Reporting Conflict, based on peace journalism. Peace journalism challenges popular media representations of conflict, based on some of the most influential theories from research in Peace and Conflict Studies. These include, notably, the typologies of peace (positive and negative) and violence (direct, structural and cultural) devised originally by Johan Galtung, one of the founders of the field.

Justice and Reconciliation

This research is focussed on understanding the concepts of justice and reconciliation in different cultural contexts and conflict settings. Its main focus is on how communities pursue justice and reconciliation in the context of peacebuilding after mass violence, and especially post-genocide. It analyses and assesses the various transitional justice processes and mechanisms such as war crimes tribunals, truth commissions and traditional reconciliation rituals in terms of how they address the needs and expectations of local communities recovering from mass violence and how they contribute to sustainable peacebuilding. More>