Past grants and projects

United Nations Emergency Peace Service

Despite a need to move quickly to prevent genocide and crimes against humanity, the United Nations has no reliable capacity to do so. Genocide in Rwanda illustrates this incapacity, as do the massive killings of innocent people in Cambodia, the former Yugoslavia, East Timor, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia and Sudan. The time has come to create a permanent UN Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS) to ensure that ‘Never Again’ will there be genocide or crimes against humanity. More>

The Effects of Racism on Lebanese Youth in Australia

Pathways to Just Solutions

July 2003 - 2005
This two- year project was funded by the Foundation for Young Australians. It analysed racism directed at Lebanese youth in Australia and identified means to resolve specific consequences of such racism among Lebanese youth. More>

Global Action to Prevent War

The Global Action to Prevent War (GAPW) program is a comprehensive set of political, military and social processes that aims to build a global coalition to stop war, genocide and internal armed conflict. GAPW calls for the establishment of a United Nations system capable of preventing war, genocide and other deadly conflict. It also calls for the mobilisation of an international consortium of civil society organisations to support this objective. More>

The Role of Civil Society in the Prevention of Armed Conflict

The Role of Civil Society in the Prevention of Armed Conflict is a global initiative that was established to enhance the role of civil society in developing effective action in preventing and transforming violent conflict, as well as to strengthen civil society relationships with governments, the UN and regional organisations. CPACS was the Australian national focal point for this global initiative, including a process of discussion and research on the role of civil society in conflict prevention.